Walking in Lanzarote – Montaña Roja

This Lanzarote walk is one that people of most abilities can do. There are a couple of ways to get to the ridge, but I will direct you up from sea level, making this a two-hour round-trip stroll.

Park up at La Mulata, which is the row of restaurants nestled between the Natura Palace and Rubicon Palace hotels. From there, walk up the waste ground to the dual carriageway and turn right. Cross over the dual carriageway at the pedestrian crossing ahead of you and continue up a short distance. Very soon afterward, you will see a small handmade wooden footbridge, where you can hop over onto some waste ground. Head diagonally right and continue up through the houses until you reach a well-worn path that will take you to the top of Montaña Roja. Aim for the mast that you can see ahead of you, and you can’t go too far wrong, as this is where the path starts.

Once up there, you can walk around the ridge, with fantastic views across to Papagayo, Fuerteventura, Femes, and of course the whole of Playa Blanca. Inside the crater itself, you will see that many people have written their names and messages with the loose stones scattered about. Do add yours, and perhaps send us a photo if you would like!

Do avoid this walk if it is windy, as it can get quite blustery up the top. Do wear sensible closed in shoes. We bumped into a chap on our way up who wished he’d worn something other than his sandals. And don’t forget to take plenty of water.

Happy walking!