Saving Money A Property Purchase in Lanzarote

We all like to be a bit canny with our funds and saving money in one area gives you more income to splash out in another. So how can you save money on your property in Lanzarote?

Here are our top tips to start the ball rolling.

  1. Negotiate the price. Don’t accept the asking price from the estate agency straight away – particularly in the current climate; there are always deals to be made. This applies not only to properties for sale but also for long term rental too.
  2. Transfer your funds over via a specialist currency transfer company. We use HIFX . Oh, how we wish we’d known about services like this when we came over! We relied on the bank rates and missed out on quite a bit of saving by doing it that way.
  3. Pay property tax online. When it comes to paying property tax on your new house in Spain, there is a corker of a way to save money if you are paying from the UK. Have a look at as the standing charge is just €29 if you just need the paperwork raising. Or just €49 if you want them to pay it on your behalf. Needless to say, your calculated tax is in addition to this.
  4. Shop around. Ask around. Don’t take the first price you are quoted for things. Ask people who already live here as no doubt they have found some real bargains. We were lucky and found some good people when we moved over, that were happy for us just to pick up the phone and ask. We still ask around now!
  5. Don’t be scared to use local businesses too! So many people stick to just using the British and Irish, because of nerves with the language. Don’t be nervous, get to know the Spanish guys down your local garage, the lady in the bread shop, the man in the fruteria. You’ll save yourself a packet and get great quality goods while also making new friends. It always helps to have a friendly face that won’t laugh when you practise your new language skills.

Of course, there are many more ways to save money, these are just for starters.