Supermarket Shopping in Lanzarote

As any cooking fan knows, a supermarket is essential for those culinary delights we whip up in the kitchen. However, there are no Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, or Waitrose stores here. So, what about the supermarkets in Lanzarote? Can you buy all those little necessities? And what about British teabags. or disposable nappies?

Q: Will I find a decent supermarket in Lanzarote?

A: Yes! Every resort has got several supermarkets. Hiperdino, Spar, Netto and Maxcoop are the most frequently found. Also worth a big mention is Ropers frozen food store opposite the Deiland at Playa Honda.

Q: Can I buy my baby’s disposable nappies?

A: A recommended brand is Dodots – we are told they are similar to Pampers

Q: What about teabags?

A: The British tea bags tend to be a bit more expensive, but we have found them in Netto and Hiperdino.

Q: Ah… but I want Branston pickle!

A: Unfortunately, when Vivos at Playa Honda was bought out by Hiperdino, both Branston and soured cream disappeared from the shelves. You can get soured cream in Eurospar in Arrecife – and we have also found it in a small German supermarket by the port in Playa Blanca. Branston pickle has started appearing in Nettos now too.

Q: And what about English bread?

A: Hiperdino now has Kingsmill and Jacksons in the freezer section, and Spar has it on the shelf. We advise buying the frozen stuff, and defrosting what you need. We pick up a couple of loaves whenever it’s in stock.

Q: I’m really going to miss British bacon!

A: Miss it no longer, it is in Spar and Hiperdino. Watch the pricing though. The cheapest we’ve found is in Spar at Punta Limones in Playa Blanca. Five rashers for €2.75.

Of course, there are now a couple of English supermarkets in Lanzarote, where you can buy all your family favourites. Expect to pay more for your brands at these places, but if you are craving your lemon curd, Birds custard powder, butterscotch Angel Delight, turkey for Christmas etc, then head up there and have a look.