Mosquitoes in Lanzarote

Oh yes, a question on many people’s lips… what about mosquitos in Lanzarote? Yes, we could wax lyrical about mozzies and how fascinating they are, how they affect the eco-system, and how many species there are, (yes, we’re yawning now). But what YOU want to know is…

1. How to get rid of them.
2. How to keep them away
3. How to take that awful itch away!

1. How to get rid of them.

There are many methods of killing the little blighters, including squishing them against walls. Don’t! It makes a hell of a mess. Squish them against something that won’t need repainting every time you do it.

There are also many sprays available on the market that will work quickly and effectively when aimed at these little bloodsuckers. Your local Spar, Hiperdino, or MaxCoop will stock a variety of these for you.

If you fancy a bit more sport in your mosquito-killing – then why not buy one of those electric fly zappers, and tone up those bingo wings at the same time?

Or perhaps dance like a dervish – swatting at everything in your sight. but do let us know so that we can come round and take a video ready to post on this site for everyone’s entertainment.

2. How to keep them away

Okay – now it gets a little bit more “hit and miss”. So many differing opinions abound, so we’ll just tell you what works for us.

Garlic – don’t knock the power of this versatile little bulb. Mozzies hate garlic – and they also hate yeast. So, make sure plenty of both is in your diet. That doesn’t mean 15 pints of beer, and a curry every night! We use garlic in so much of our cooking—everything from the usual spag bol, to garlic bread, to salad dressings, and marinades. We even crush up half a clove into the dog’s food, to stop him getting bitten too.

However, we have also noticed that the longer we live here – the less we get bitten by mosquitos in Lanzarote. It certainly never seems to bother the locals. When we ask our Spanish friends, they shrug and say they aren’t bothered by them.

Avon Skin So Soft is used by many people as a mosquito repellent – and with excellent results. Because it’s not heavily perfumed, you can slap the stuff all over without a problem.

Plug-ins – Okay… many people swear by these. We’ve found them no good at all. But do make your own mind up with them.

Citronella candles – we haven’t tried this ourselves yet, but other have said it does seem to deter them. Why not let us know how you get on?

Mosquito screens. If you can, invest in some mosquito screens for your windows. It means you can still have a Lanzarote breeze through your windows at night, but without Mr Mozz and his family nipping in for a feast. However, if your door is wide open, they’ll just come in that way instead. Also, screen any vents you may have too.

3. How to take that awful itch away

Right – the first thing to remember is don’t scratch! By scratching your skin, you are doing two things. Firstly, you are stimulating the nerve endings. So, it will itch and irritate more. Give it a sharp slap instead. This deadens the nerve endings instead.

Try spray-on deodorant. I read this in a forum a few months back and was not convinced. However, I thought I’d give it a go. And yes, it worked! Use a spray on deodorant and aim it at the bite. The cooling (and whatever else is in the spray) numbs the area, taking that irritation away for you. Don’t prolong the spray, though, or you may risk freeze burn.

Other things to ensure
Make sure there is no stagnant water in or out of your home. That’s where the mosquitoes will lay their eggs. So, empty out containers in the garden after the rain, and clear plant pots etc. Don’t worry about the pool though, as usually you will have chemicals in there that keep these little monsters at bay.